Miracles happen every day…

Every day, invite Miracles into your life as they are blossoming. Each moment becomes miraculous when you keep the Faith that everything is happening according to the Divine Plan.

Powerful New Moon!

On this powerful and magical New Moon, know that beautiful surprises and unexpected blessings are coming to you right now. Expect miracles! A spiritual gateway has opened and you are entering a new Era. You have the power and ability to manifest what you truly desire; use this time to focus on Positive thoughts and visions.

Everything is OK!

Everything is happening perfectly, so don’t worry! Give your worries to your Angels as they will take care of everything. Relax and breathe in peace as you are eternally loved and protected by Heaven. Stop worrying and have Faith that we are all part of the Divine Agenda.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grannies, aunts, great nannies, step moms, foster moms, and those who lost their moms. Remember that Mothers are Priceless and some never appreciate them until they are gone. Please, enjoy the presence of your mothers…

Changes are happening in your life for your highest good…

God and your Angels are asking you to keep your thoughts and actions focused upon your goals and aspirations as they are rapidly manifesting. Changes are happening in your life and they are taking place for your highest good. Use positive affirmations and visualizations to keep your outlook bright and receptive. Your Angels support and surround you with love and healing and they want you to remain courageous and positive throughout these transitions.

New beginnings are aligning for you…

New opportunities will be coming your way and your Angels are helping you walk through the doors of change with ease and grace. You may have felt resistance recently or even been stuck, but new beginnings are here for you. Allow yourself to detach from the drama or challenges that have been standing in your way to move forward. Whether it’s a new relationship, home, career or child, embrace and enjoy these exciting and prosperous new opportunities that are showing up to you.

Magical Energies of the Pink Full Moon

The Scorpio Pink Full Moon is deeply transformative, magical and powerful and is one of the best times for letting go of what no longer serves you and cleansing the energies around you, so you make space for new blessings to come into your life. Feeling extra sensitive may be a definite side effect of the April Full Moon, so be sure to protect your energy field and be kind towards yourself and others.

Trust Archangel Michael’s Divine Wisdom

Archangel Michael wants you to know that you are completely safe. If you have been worried about emotional, spiritual, or physical harm, know that there is Divine protection watching over you at this moment. Leave all negative energy behind and work on making peace internally and externally. Trust that Archangel Michael’s shield of light surrounds you, and when you are aware of this shield, only positive energy may enter. And so it.

Your Angels are surrounding you right now…

You are always loved and supported by God and His Angels. Now more than ever, your Angels are watching over you as you are going through major transformations. There are Angels before you, behind you, above you and on all sides. These Divine beings are here to guide, reassure, love and protect you at all times. Stop for a minute and feel the blessings of the Angels who are surrounding you right now.