Rare Blue Moon on March 31st, 2018

Rare Blue Moon today, March 31st. It’s the 2nd Full Moon of the month and it’s bringing magical energies and infinite wisdom and blessings to you right now. Be open to receive magnificent gifts from Heaven.

Call upon Archangel Haniel for help in developing, trusting and following your spiritual gifts and Divine guidance and to release what no longer serves you.  May the energy of this Blue Moon cut ties with the old and especially breaking down your internal walls and barriers that hold you back, so you can move forward with confidence.

New Moon in Pisces

The March New Moon on the 17-18th falls in the watery sign of Pisces and will bring a sense of completion as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac cycle and is all about finding balance and creating a sense of wholeness. New Moons are about releasing the old and making room for the new. While it is impossible to really plan for the future, this New Moon is a great time to think about what you want to pull or bring into your life. Focus on positive and bring more of the same into your life now.

The Pisces New Moon really is the perfect time to honor all of you and all of your journey. No matter what has happened, no matter how you have failed or succeeded, or lost or won, there is something to celebrate and something to learn and grow from.

Powerful and Magical Full Moon

March 1st – 2nd Full Moon is highly charged with powerful and magical energies and will give you a very positive momentum for this new month. Release what blocks your higher purpose and welcome magnificent blessings coming to you, such as Health, Happiness, Light, Wealth, Love and many more beautiful surprises.

Solar Eclipse and New Moon higher energies

With the partial Solar Eclipse and the New Moon happening today, February 15, 2018, we are experiencing magical and powerful energies. New doors are opening up for you and new opportunities are showing up. Embrace the unknown as shifts and activations are happening.

Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, 2018

Get ready for this powerful and rare Super Blue Blood Full Moon on January 31, 2018 and Lunar Eclipse, know that there are magical energies surrounding you right now. It’s an excellent time to be creative and expand your goals. Embrace your inner child and release your fears. Great fortune is going to be abundant during this special Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The energy that has been pouring out this month has been incredibly strong and this Full Moon will be so important for you and what’s going on in 2018.

This Special Event has only happened once in 150 years.
– January 31st at 5:51 AM EST the Eclipse Starts;
– It is called a Super Moon because it occurs during perigee the moons closest approach to Earth;
– It is named a Blue Moon because it is the second Full moon of the Month;
– It is called Blood Moon because the Moon turns a reddish color during the Eclipse.

Powerful Full Moon and the last of 2017

We are experiencing a powerful Full Moon, the last of 2017. Use the higher energies of this Super Full Moon to manifest what you really desire. Let go of lower energies such as negative thoughts, resentments, emotional blockages, grievances, suffering, toxic relationships, etc. Focus on what you really desire and give wings to your dreams. Your Faith, Positive attitude and Prayers are holding you in a very positive light and your wishes may be granted with abundance manifested through your positive energies. Be grateful for your abundance and blessings, and use them to pursue your passions and life purpose.

Magical Energies of this Full Moon in Taurus

November is already a powerful month. It holds the vibration of the number 11. This Full Moon in Taurus is a perfect way to kick-start all of the wonderful energy it offers.  Your dreams are coming true. Everything is possible and the Angels are working with you to help you manifest your wildest dreams. Love, Wealth and Happiness are waiting for you.

Full Moon energies…

On this powerful Full Moon there are magical energies all around you.  Your Angels remind you to be careful with what you wish for as you just might get it. There is magical energies in the air. Stay Positive, optimistic and practical to ensure that you manifest what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Building strong foundations from well-laid plans ensures future stability, progress and success. Put your efforts and focus towards your long-term goals and aspirations and work for your purpose, passion and drive.

New Moon in Virgo

On September 20th, 2017 we are having a Virgo New Moon that is going to bring healing energy to every area of your lives so you can mend any wounds that may have surfaced. Under the influence of this New Moon, you are all being called to really pay attention to the condition of your mind so you can heal and step into your power.

The September New Moon is the perfect time to express yourself, talk through your feelings and to release any stuck emotions. You have a special moment in your hands to stop paying attention to who you are not anymore, to release an old self and to embrace your true unremembered one. You are not leaving anything behind, for you are stepping into a unified path, where all is One. Are you ready for changes? This powerful New Moon is healing you and helping you manifest your dreams.

To embrace the energy of the Virgo New Moon, take some time out to be with yourself and to reflect on where you are at. This year has brought changes and new beginnings for many and now it is time to go within and listen to the wisdom of your own mind, body and soul.