Angels On A Mission

My name is Lisseth Barrios and I am the founder and creator of “Angels On A Mission”.  Since my mother passed away in 2006, I opened a Facebook page “Angels On A Mission”, because it became clear to me that we are all here with a mission to inspire and help others, in any way that we can.

I have the passion, willingness and determination to make a difference in the world.  Every day I wake up with the desire to help and inspire more people.  Even if I reach one person, around the world, I know that I made a difference because I made them smile or made them think and believe that there is something better and amazing waiting for them.

After a couple of training sessions that I attended, it became clear that my mission is to inspire, help and coach entrepreneurs from any age and from any walks of life.  Being a translator, makes me want to reach even more people all over the world in English, French and Spanish.  However, being at the starting point of my “Word Press” experience,  of Instagram and still learning Twitter and all the social medias, I am still learning and doing a lot myself.  Reason why, in these first steps, I will leave it in English until my website grows and more viewers read my posts.

Thank you for visiting my page and for leaving your comments.

Warmest regards,

Lisseth Barrios, Spiritual Coach



  • Angel Numbers 11

Do you often see the number 11:11? In numerology, 1111 represents the unity of all things; that we are all of the same vibration even though we appear to be separate in the physical. 11:11 reminds us to return to our most peaceful and powerful potential and it reminds us that we have the opportunity to create Peace, Oneness and Completion, to transcend and transmute into something new, unexpected and beautiful.

11:11 is a Master Number


  • Angel Number 22

Angel Number 22 is a message from your Angels to remain Positive at all times because your most ambitious dreams are coming true. Your Angels ask that you see the larger picture and leave the details to them because they always work behind the scenes to your advantage. Maintain the conviction that something wonderful is going to manifest for you today.

Angel Number 22


  • Angel Number 33

Angel Number 33 is a message from your Angels to stay Positive and that positive changes and projects will be worth while and you will be assisted in the undertaking.

Angel Number 33 gives you the courage to live your life with enthusiasm and optimism, safe in the knowledge that you are well blessed, loved and supported in all that you do.  Live your life with joy, passion and purpose as this will manifest your true purpose and desires. #AngelsOnAMission

Angel Number 33


  • Angel Number 444

Angel Number 444 is a message that the Angels and Archangels are with you right now. They are encouraging, loving, protecting and guiding you. They are offering you positive energies, inner-strength and
support to enable you to move along with your plans. All is well and you have nothing to fear as you are eternally loved and supported! #AngelsOnAMission

Angel Number 444

  • Angel Number 555

Angel Number 555 – Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life. These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine life purpose and soul mission. To keep these changes on the highest possible course, be sure to keep your thoughts positive at all times and stay centered in prayers and affirmations all day. #AngelsOnAMission


Angel Number 555



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