Allow yourself to receive

The key to unlocking your greatest abundance is your ability to receive. The greater your sense of worthiness, the greater your capacity to accept the gifts and blessings the Universe wishes to give you.

There are many gifts waiting to come to you right now, but any guilt, shame or unworthiness in your system will act like a forcefield and repel your prosperity. Yes, it is good practice to think positively, be grateful, send out desires to the Universe and say affirmations. However, these tools can only be effective if they are supported by the strong sense that you deserve the best that the Universe has to offer.

There are gifts and blessings beyond your wildest dreams just waiting to surprise and delight you. There is nothing special you need to do in order to be worthy of them except to believe that you are.¬†💕¬†Open your arms right now in order to be in the receiver mode and welcome all the magnificent gifts and blessings coming to you.

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