Magical Energies of the Pink Full Moon

The Scorpio Pink Full Moon is deeply transformative, magical and powerful and is one of the best times for letting go of what no longer serves you and cleansing the energies around you, so you make space for new blessings to come into your life. Feeling extra sensitive may be a definite side effect of the April Full Moon, so be sure to protect your energy field and be kind towards yourself and others.

Trust Archangel Michael’s Divine Wisdom

Archangel Michael wants you to know that you are completely safe. If you have been worried about emotional, spiritual, or physical harm, know that there is Divine protection watching over you at this moment. Leave all negative energy behind and work on making peace internally and externally. Trust that Archangel Michael’s shield of light surrounds you, and when you are aware of this shield, only positive energy may enter. And so it.

Your Angels are surrounding you right now…

You are always loved and supported by God and His Angels. Now more than ever, your Angels are watching over you as you are going through major transformations. There are Angels before you, behind you, above you and on all sides. These Divine beings are here to guide, reassure, love and protect you at all times. Stop for a minute and feel the blessings of the Angels who are surrounding you right now.

Allow yourself to receive

The key to unlocking your greatest abundance is your ability to receive. The greater your sense of worthiness, the greater your capacity to accept the gifts and blessings the Universe wishes to give you.

There are many gifts waiting to come to you right now, but any guilt, shame or unworthiness in your system will act like a forcefield and repel your prosperity. Yes, it is good practice to think positively, be grateful, send out desires to the Universe and say affirmations. However, these tools can only be effective if they are supported by the strong sense that you deserve the best that the Universe has to offer.

There are gifts and blessings beyond your wildest dreams just waiting to surprise and delight you. There is nothing special you need to do in order to be worthy of them except to believe that you are. 💕 Open your arms right now in order to be in the receiver mode and welcome all the magnificent gifts and blessings coming to you.

Message from Archangel Gabriel

Message from Archangel Gabriel: “Forget the past, forget the pains and struggles you had. You can’t go back to the past, and the past cannot return to you. So, let go of the emotional baggage that the past has given you. It is no longer important or relevant.

As for the present, just be mindful of your surroundings and of the people around you. Learn from them and move on. Any problems that crop up, deal with them right now and get rid of it. Be aware of the world around you and act accordingly.

You must now live for the future, for that is the path that is yet to be walked. And each decision you make can change that path for the better or for the worse, so decide wisely. Don’t worry about the destination of that path in your current lifetime. No matter what direction you head off into, the destination will be the same. It could be a quick walk, or a long hike, it all depends on your choices.

Let go of what does not serve you, release the chains of the past decisions. Walk upright and without burden, be loving and confident in your present. Look towards and walk forward, with new heart and joy to the future.”

Believe in Miracles

Everything is working out as per Divine timing in your life. God and the Angels want you to know that all is well and that Miracles are on the way to you. There is nothing to worry about. God and the Angels are taking care of everything. Even if you cannot see the solutions yet, just know that the solutions are worked upon behind the scenes.  Have complete Faith in the Creator and Angels. Think positive thoughts about your situation and life and believe in Miracles because they do happen when you least expect them.

Your dreams are coming true… Have Faith!

Everything you have experienced in your life has made you strong and courageous. You are stronger than you realize. Your career dreams require inner resolve and courage and you have built those qualities from your life lessons. You are more prepared than ever to start a new project and persevere to complete it. Let go of negative and small thoughts and see yourself succeeding as your Dreams are rapidly manifesting. Have Faith!

Faith is the light that illuminates your pathway…

Have Faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Faith is the light that illuminates your pathway. Without Faith, the future looks very frightening. That is why it is essential for you to take whatever steps are necessary with Faith. Please don’t give up Hope on yourself or other people. Keep the candle of Faith burning within your soul, as that one small inkling of Hope can eradicate the darkness of despair.

Extra Angels are surrounding you right now…

Extra Angels are surrounding you right now, helping you stay positive and optimistic no matter the challenges you are going through right now and no matter what is going on around you. Your Angels know the magical power of Faith, Positive Energy and Hope. Trust them and follow their guidance!

Welcome April…

Goodbye March and Welcome April! I am the Angel of April… On this new day, new week and new month, I am bringing you love, light, blessings, wonderful opportunities, miracles, breakthroughs, good news, abundance and many beautiful surprises. Stay positive and be open to receive all the magic that this month holds.