You are more powerful than you think!

You have within you all of the power of the Universe. No one is more powerful than you. As a spiritually minded being, it’s impossible for you to misuse or abuse your power. Your Spiritual Guides will bring you opportunities to use and expand your power in ways that bring great blessings to you and the world.

Heaven needs the lightworkers of the world, including you, to realize and utilize their power. You are being asked to release any fears you may have about being powerful. Your asked to keep your self-esteem high by honouring yourself, taking excellent care of your physical and emotional self, working on your dreams and aspirations, and spending time in prayer and meditation. The higher your level of self-esteem, the more you will be with your power.

The Fairies ask you to affirm: “It is safe for me to be powerful! I have all the power of the Universe flowing through me and supporting me.” And so it is!

Your dreams are coming true…

Your dreams are turning into reality. Just like a seed takes time to sprout and grow into a plant slowly, your dreams are slowly turning into reality. Savour each moment of this process. Slow down and feel Gratitude as each step brings your manifestation into tangible form. Notice the lessons and love that spring from every moment you engage in acting upon your dreams. There are magical energies around you, which are helping you manifest your dreams even faster. 

Message from Archangel Michael

Message from Archangel Michael: “The Angels have heard you and are answering your prayers. Instead of making your happiness contingent upon future events, you can decide to be happy now. One way to do so is to focus on everything and everyone for whom you feel grateful. What is working well in your life? What are your blessings and strengths? By allowing yourself to experience joy and pleasure now, you become empowered. Take control of your life, and prevent outside influences from determining how you feel.” ~ Doreen Virtue

Positivity in your life…

Positive thoughts bring positive results and the fairies applaud you for being so positive. Your positive thoughts and emotions are manifesting positive results. Occasionally you may be disheartened to see that things didn’t with your way but there is a blessing in disguise in that. So have faith. Your manifestation might take longer than you hoped, but know that it’s coming to you.

Go outside in nature and connect with Fairies. They are your friends who would help you to manifest soon. Share with them your hopes, desires, dreams and tell them about your fears and worries. Tell them to help you release all your fears, worries and negativities. Feel them surround you with healing love and light.

Affirmation: I am safe, confident, and secure. I feel joyful about my future.

Stay focused on your goals and keep a positive energy at all times!

God and your Angels are asking you to keep your thoughts and actions focused upon your goals and aspirations as they are rapidly manifesting. Changes are happening in your life and they are taking place for your highest good. Use positive affirmations and visualizations to keep your outlook bright and receptive. Your Angels support and surround you with love and healing and they want you to remain courageous and positive throughout these transitions.

Your dreams are coming true!

This is it… your time has come! Your dreams are coming true. You are about to collect your rewards and your prayers are being answered in miraculous ways. Be ready to receive what is yours. Use your imagination to visualize that your dreams have already come true to increase the momentum and speed the process. Enjoy your manifestation power!

Full Moon energies…

On this powerful Full Moon there are magical energies all around you.  Your Angels remind you to be careful with what you wish for as you just might get it. There is magical energies in the air. Stay Positive, optimistic and practical to ensure that you manifest what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Building strong foundations from well-laid plans ensures future stability, progress and success. Put your efforts and focus towards your long-term goals and aspirations and work for your purpose, passion and drive.

October 2nd is Guardian Angels Day!

October 2nd is the Guardian Angels day. If you are feeling lonely and fear all hope is gone, know that your Guardian Angel is by your side and saying: “You are doing alright. Just hold on.”.

Welcome October!

Goodbye September and Welcome October! Please be a good month, bringing peace, love, happiness, smiles and many beautiful surprises. Thank you!

I am the Angel of October and I am here to bring you happiness, peace, love, joy and prosperity over the 31 days to come. I am sprinkling magic dust all over you and yours too. Have a wonderful month!