The last day of September is bringing us a Black Moon

Sept. 30 is bringing a Black Moon

The last day of September is bringing us a special and unique Black Moon. The term Black Moon means the second New Moon in a calendar month.  This Black Moon is going to deliver an extremely positive force, helping us to manifest all of our greatest dreams, wishes and desires. If you have been looking to change or shift something in your life, if you have been building new ideas or projects, this Black Moon is really going to give you an amazing push in the right direction.


September 29 – Feast of the Archangels

Feast of the Archangels also known as Michaelmas
Feast of the Archangels also known as Michaelmas

September 29 – Feast Day of the Archangels, also known as Michaelmas.
May we pray Archangel Michael, Patron of police and guardian of souls.
May we pray Archangel Raphael, Patron of travelers.
May we pray Archangel Gabriel, Patron of communications.

May we celebrate the Feast of these three (3) powerful Archangels. Archangel Michael (Who is like God) is the Archangel who fights against Satan, all evil angels and negativity of the planet, defending all the friends of God. He is the protector of all humanity from the snares of the devil. Archangel Gabriel (Strength of God) announced to Zachariah the forthcoming birth of John the Baptist, and to Mary, the birth of Jesus. He is the patron of communications. Archangel Raphael (Medicine of God) is the Archangel who took care of Tobias on his journey, and the Archangel who helps anyone who requires physical, mental, spiritual healing.#AngelsOnAMission

Live every day with Passion

Live every day with Passion!

Angels, I release to you all negative and sabotaging thoughts in exchange of positive and powerful ones. I am starting a new week with confidence and eagerness to make this a productive day and a successful week, doing what I love.  Thank you! #AngelsOnAMission

Angels of Abundance

Angels of Abundance

Angels of Abundance, please bless the Earth and all who dwells in her beauty with Peace, Love, Abundance and Prosperity. Please fill out our material needs in magical and unexpected ways. And so it is. Amen! Type “I am ready” and receive a windfall of gifts, miracles, money, prosperity and infinite blessings. #AngelsOnAMission

Words of Wisdom

Life is a magnificent trip... Enjoy the ride.

“Today will Never come again.
Be a blessing.
Be a Friend.
Encourage someone.
Take time to Care.
Let your words Heal, not Wound.”

“Embark on the Journey of Love… It takes you from yourself to your self.”
༺♥༻ Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

All is well in my world…

I am that I am

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete. My life is ever new. Each moment of my life is new, fresh and vital. I use my affirmative thinking to create exactly what I want. This is a new day. I am a new me. I think differently. I speak differently. I act differently. Others treat me differently. My new world is a reflection of my new thinking. It is a joy and a delight to plant new seeds, for I know these seeds will become new experiences. All is well in my world.”  ༺༻Louise L. Hay

Message from Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel

Message from Archangel Gabriel:
A beautiful clarity is beginning for you right now. Surrender and allow upliftment to take place in your life. Let this wave of light and clarity broadcast from the Divine enter into your life experiences and renew you in every way. Embrace the changes happening within and around you and notice your thought processes becoming more clear and exact, your emotions Divinely balanced and the feelings of joy, love and contentment fully experienced in your life. With this new level of clarity that you are stepping into, you will have a deeper understanding of your life purpose on Earth.