Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is reassuring you that you have the strength, power and skills that are valuable to God’s plans. Archangel Michael is protecting you while you shine your bright light.

Prayer to Archangel Michael: “Please lend me your courage and fortitude. Help me realize that I am one with all that is Divine wisdom, strength, love, creativity, abundance and health. Allow me to feel confident and peaceful about myself in all ways.” Amen!

You are always want to help you out!

In this moment and every other moment, your Angels are with you and willing to help with anything and everything. There is nothing too big or too small for them. You just have to ask for help whenever you need. Are you asking for help or guidance from your Angels?

Welcome July!

July is here and we are the Angels of July. We are here to provide you with Love, Light, Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, Surprises and many beautiful blessings. Be open to receive all the magnificent gifts coming your way.

July is going to be an amazing month! Be open to the beautiful surprises coming your way!

Full Moon Blessings…

This powerful Full Moon in Capricorn is bringing great blessings and new opportunities that will change your life for your highest good. Ask God and your Angels to help you manifest your deepest desires and wildest dreams as magical energies are surrounding you right now. Feel these powerful energies within and around. It’s your time to manifest!

Blessed beyond your imagination…

May the Blessings of God surround you to keep you safe today and for the days to come.
May the comfort of your Angels guide you and help you along the way.
May the words of friends reassure you in kindness as they speak.
May love, joy, happiness and laughter be yours every single day of your life.

Archangel Raphael healing energy…

Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for filling everyone with unlimited energy of Divine Love, Light and Health. Wrap us all in your emerald green light, but most of all, help all the people who suffer from lack of health. May they recover their health now. Thank you for your healing energies! Amen!

Have Faith and Trust in Divine timing!

Your Angels are asking you to have Faith and Trust that your prayers and positive affirmations are manifesting your material needs in Divine time and order. Your Angels urge you to maintain a positive attitude and mind-set in order to manifest your desired results as your optimistic expectations in the Divine will create positive results in all aspects of your life. Just trust that your desires are on their way to you right now. Don’t give up right before the Miracle happens!